The Fairy Train
by Mystic Mountain Arts

Prices subject to change without notice - please call for latest pricing.
Special train video (8 MB)
Short video from Tapestry Art show
Additional special train photos

Special Event and Holiday Fairy Trains

Christmas Train
A white swan pulls a Christmas sleigh and Christmas toy car. The "reigns" on the swan are multi-colored LED lights. The sleigh may have a Santa or elf driver or a load of Christmas packages or toys.
$340   Sold Out

Halloween Train
A black swan pulls two Halloween cars, followed by a Pumpkin house car.

Easter Train
A rabbit pulls two Easter egg cars. Easter eggs come in a variety of colors and decorations.
$249  Sold Out

USA Train
A dragon pulls a train of three cars decorated for Fourth of July or any other patriotic holiday. Dragon smokes and has LED eyes. May also be purchased w/o Dragon.
$455  Sold Out

Wedding/Anniversary Train
Swan and sleigh. Choice of gold or silver accent color on the sleigh
$245  Sold out

Fairy Train Locomotives

Holy smokes! Fire-breathing dragons -- not quite. These dragons smoke copiously from their mouth as they pull your Fairy Train. And their eyes glow red! They are hand-painted in a variety of colors.
Dimensions: 4.4"W x 9"H x 10"L

An Irish folk tale says that swans are the sons of Lir. White with a variety of decorations.
Dimensions: 4.5"W x 8"H x 9.75"L

Bunny Rabbit
Rabbits come in white, light brown, dark brown, and spotted.
Dimensions: 4"W x 7"H x 9.5"L

Fairy Train Cars

Fairies brought the moon down to the garden to light up everything around it.

Fairyland Honey Company
"Honey haulers" come in light, medium, and dark brown.
Old shoe
Old Shoe
Someone left an old shoe in the forest and the fairies put it to good use.
Available in tan, brown, and gray.

Leaf Boat
Leaf boat cars come in light and dark blue and aqua.
$88  Sold out

Tea cup carriage
Tea cups can be quite handy and versatile for hauling items for the fairies. They are available in a wide variety of colors and tea cup styles - and tea pots -  depending on what the fairies find in their wanderings.
$88  Sold out

Pumpkin Express
A pumpkin serves as a cozy cottage for a fairy family. Although  there may be some slight variation in color, they all look pretty much like this one.

Easter Egg
The fairies found some Easter eggs no one had found during an Easter egg hunt and made them into cars.
Here's an idea - get an undecorated egg for each child/grandchild in your family and have a decorating party. Then run a train with all the eggs pulled by a rabbit.
$75 decorated

Christmas Sleigh
Santa's Christmas sleigh comes decorated and loaded with Christmas goodies. It makes a perfect addition to a train around your Christmas tree or on your buffet table. Also available unpainted for those who want to let children decorate their own sleigh car for the train.
$125  Sold Out

Wedding Sleigh
Our Wedding sleigh comes decorated for your wedding or anniversary - we can customize it with a year if you like. With a swan pulling one or two of these, it makes a perfect train on your wedding buffet table. Available with either a bride & groom figure or a white satin pillow with a gold-colored pair of wedding rings.
$125  Sold Out

Limited Production

Availability of the following Fairy Train items is limited. Call or e-mail to inquire.

Treasure chest
We created a limited run of about 20 of these with a Leprechaun guarding his treasure chest. We have a few left in a variety of colors.

Can be used for carrying candy or other precious cargo. Saucers are unique depending on what we can find.
$75  Sold out

Use for carrying live plants or other precious cargo.
$75  Sold Out

Note: Each Fairy Train is a one-of-a-kind, handmade item. As such, colors and exact appearance will vary from piece to piece. The locomotives use motor assemblies from large garden railroad train suppliers, and so are highly reliable with good traction.

Track Circles for Garden Pots

Put one on your front porch to welcome your visitors.
Put one on your patio.
Create your own fairyland.
Create a garden railroad in a limited space.

Garden Pot Track Circles
These track circles fit on top of a garden pot or half-barrel. Made to fit on top of 22" garden pots or half-barrels but can be used with pots from about 20-24" diameter. (Tight radius suitable only for Fairy Trains or short engines and short cars.) Made from commercial Brass or Aluminum rail mounted on a steel frame.  $99

Fixed voltage power source
Inexpensive 9V power source for track circle; runs trains at speed appropriate for track circle.
- .5 amp for small single-motor engines  $15
.8 amp for Dragons with smoke units   $25

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