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Mystic Mountain Railroad

A back country shortline garden railroad, loosely set in the early 1900ís, using  battery-power and radio control. Redesigned to better support operations in 2014, the RR has many industrial spurs, two yards, a wye, and several passing tracks. The Mountain Division makes extensive use of rock castings creating rugged mountains and deep canyons, necessitating many steel bridges, tunnels, and a large concrete mountain containing return loops and a helix. 

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Additional construction in 2020

Detailed description (.pdf)
Operating hints (.pdf)

Major renovation/upgrades in 2014 (.pdf)

Nighttime photos/video

Mountain Division photos

New wharf at North End

Sawmill Complex

MMRR Track Plan (.pdf)

MMRR Track Schematic (.pdf)

Mystic Mountain RR story

Railroad Construction photos

Plant catalog (7.5 MB) (.pdf)

Largest Model Railroads (.pdf)

Overhead view of meet at Outaluck

Train pulling in to Outaluck station

White concrete castings painted with acrylics make for realistic cliffs

Train approaching Red River Resort

Red River Resort area

Track crew completing spur at Red River

Water tower repair at Providence station

Global Wizard Mfg (G-Wiz) is an actual 5 1/2 ft. long

Maintenance of way shed made from OSH boxcar

This cemetery certainly is haunted

Handcar shed at Outaluck

ACME Mfg. - "Everything for the wily coyote"

Sawdust Sawmill Complex

Building facades at Union Junction

Diner at Sawmill Complex

The diner is open late at night too

Open air car for tourist train
Made on spare Bachmann tender frame

Christmas car for tourist train

Sunset over Mystic Mountain

30" Turntable construction (2 MB PDF)

Electronics -throttle and sound

Critter project

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